People are changing, they evolve and so does their ideas and beliefs . Every great idea inspires people to change their world. Our practices are adapting continuously to be capable to forecast the trends that have to come.

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Fashion is one of our core-expertise industry. Now more than ever has become one of the leading influencing industry and one of the most competitive. The digital environment and its influencers dictates the trends, the prices, the sales and most of all the brand's lifetime cycle.

Conversation and influence makes the impact in developing or busting a brand and the company's sales. Building an impressive campaign both photo and video and creating a stories which creates an impact both with influencers and the customers, with help of data analytics tools and continuous engagement drives a campaign to its success. That what we do for our our clients.

We developed insights and campaigns for the biggest global fashion retailers like Inditex, collaborations with luxury brands like Ermanno Scervino and local fashion industry brands.


Hospitality Industry it is the largest services industry at a global scale. The Hospitality services in Romania are in a continuous development and improvement.

This is where our agency intervenes with our experience and know-how, integrating services solutions, technology, internal trainings, business management pr, and web and social media influence.

We cover all the sub-sectors of the Hospitality Industry, starting with restaurants, bars, clubs, social-events centres and continuing with large conferences and business events, National Hotel Chains.

We know that what is "behind" a  business window is more important than what the window displays for its customers: internal trainings, internal pr and communications are key services we provide to our clients. 

The B2B and B2C communication strategies we develop further are made to increase the potential and final sales of our customers.


Real Estate

Developing communication and marketing strategies for the real-estate it is always a challenge in a dynamic industry.

Using technology and data analytics we build the branding,  marketing and pr strategies focused on the short and mid-term revenues, but focusing also on the long-term results.




One of the biggest world wide industries requires special communications skills and strategies. When so much stakeholders are involved in all the processes of this industry from pharmaceutical companies to private hospitals and private healthcare clinics, drug stores, speciality technology developers and producers and most of all the customers, the patients.


The IOT and technology goes hand in the future development of the Healthcare industry in hand and the public relations are taking a leading role in promotion and most of all making the products and services understandable and well received by the final customers.

When it comes to publicity and the strict policies developed by governmental institutions in promoting all the Healthcare products and services, the communication and marketing challenges for the agency, become even more challenging.


Non Governmental Organisations   and Public Sector

The NGO Sector goes hand in hand with the Public Sector. The two main players in the society rules regulations and law-making. 

Communicating for institutions from this sectors requires a surgical precision and more diplomacy and social influence skills. We developed campaigns and communication and marketing products for both of this sectors as the social civil society and governmental institutions need a different approach than any other industry sector.

We adapt and communicate our clients causes taking in consideration all the pragmatic and psychological factors of the targeted public.



In the publishing sector and content influence industry we developed experience starting from magazines production,  from scratch, video productions, documentaries, pr articles and so much more.

As a PR company, publishing it's in the core soul of our company. Creativity in the publishing industry plays the key-role, but the production and the finished products are the final goal and the most productive elements for our clients and their targeted results.


People PR Agency® is an independent Public Relations Agency based in Bucharest, Romania. The agency was founded in 2009 and it developed as a multi-practices Public Relations Agency with expertise in PR and Marketing strategies aiming both to awareness and big profit numbers for our clients.

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