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People are changing, they evolve and so does their ideas and beliefs. Every great idea inspires people to change their world. Our practices are adapting continuously to be capable to forecast the trends that have to come.

Strategic Communications

We provide the entire range of public relations services for our clients, starting with the PR Strategy and company internal communication to media relations, including social media communications management. We help our clients to communicate themselves, with the best results, to their business partners, to their customers and to the entire social environment.



We provide marketing services at all levels, based on our expertise and in collaboration with marketing specialists. We also provide marketing consultancy for products and services business area promotions and sales advisory, management and implementation.


Media Relations

The Media Relations are a key factor in any Public Relations campaign. To reach the audience and to promote the projects represents the essential factor for every client. Throughout a big network of media contacts we manage to develop integrated campaigns for any client, to create the right message and to package and deliver it to the public through media.


Social Media Influence

Social Media is the newest environment for the public relations industry. It is the new social environment where the citizens become netizens. The new media is a very powerful and influential tool for every company specialists ever needed.
The powerful capacity to track your messages and to control to whom they go makes from social media the tool that public relations specialists ever needed.
We encourage every client to pay attention to their social media presence and we use specific social media strategies in order to create and maintain a “social image” over the internet.
Through a social media mix we develop a social marketing action plan, gathering people, impressions and comments to spread the word and interact with the brand.


Social Purpose

Social Responsibility became essential for the Corporate environment as much as marketing did. CSR has to be carefully managed and all the campaigns that a company wants to be part of or wants to endorse, have to be well developed. As well as the communication and promotion campaigns that follows. Carefully and well adapted, strategically “tweeted” and with a good and targeted blogging activity developed, a cause of the society has to become a cause of everyone’s Facebook friends.
CSR is not just publicity in exchange of helping others it has to be trustful, honest and well orientated in accordance with company values, goals and latest history.
CSR offers now visibility for their company’s consumers, for volunteers and for its own employees. By establishing private - public partnerships between NGO’s, Government and companies in order to achieve project’s goals, CSR can ensure strong relations between the involved partners. Being responsible in front of our community has become a field of action for entrepreneurs and now, more than ever, it needs specialised assistance and consulting.
We are here for our clients’ project whenever they decide to start a CSR project.

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