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International Hotels Group



After an investment of 6.2 mil euro in of the flagship Hotel of The Group, INTERNATIONAL Hotel Group approached People PR Agency for the official re-launching of the Hotel from Sinaia re- sort (One of the famous resorts in the Romanian Mountains) and also for the official launching of the entire Group with other 2 hotels in Bucharest and Moldavian Capital City – Iași.


The target should be not only the increase of notoriety of each Hotel and of the entire group, but more, the increase of annual revenue of the companies and the increase of the profit. With a forecast of 10% increase in the annual revenue and 10% increase in profit, this was the biggest challenge for People PR Agency: to add at least 5 % to the profit and to add 10% in the annual revenue. (Above the company’s forecast). The increase of notoriety became, in this conditions, a consequence.


People PR Agency had to managed both a marketing and PR bud- get in order to reach the desired goals of business. We developed a strategy for the launching of the Hotels, of The Group and for the advertising campaign as well as a PR Campaign that was sup- posed to drag general public attention on the International Sinaia

Hotel – as a first choice hotel when visiting Sinaia, for tourist and to drag corporate environment attention when it comes to International Hotel in Bucharest as well for the Iași International Hotel. The strategy splits the targets in two main categories: leisure tourism and business tourism.

We also developed a complex media-plan and strategic approach PR strategy. Alongside we had to manage (with an overall analysis, a series of interviews and internal communication trainings and presentations) the internal branding and communication for over 100 employees in order to prepare the employees for the new branding and PR Campaign.


We also had to develop the branding (excepting the logos). With a fabulous launching of the Hotel Group, focused on the flag - ship Hotel of the Group (International Sinaia Hotel) we brought together the main journalists in a press weekend-trip and in the same weekend we had the official launching event for VIPs and businessmen.


This was just the start of the entire campaign that was a mix of Magazine Advertising (in glossy magazines and in business magazines and newspapers)m, online advertising and social media pr. We also associated the Hotels’ image with pub- lic figures from sport, entertainment and business environment, generating thousands of media impressions.



After only one year of work, People PR Agency had managed not only to achieve its goals for the International Hotel Group, both for the increasing of annual revenue and profit and increasing of the notoriety.


More we managed to overcome any expectation, as the most-known and trustful Romanian Business Newspaper – Ziarul Financiar- titles: “International Hotel Sinaia increases its profit with 16% and its annual revenue with 37%, compared with last year official Financial Report”. People PR Agency managed to overcome the forecast of the International Hotel Group (10% in profit increase) with 6% -at 16% profit increase, with 1% more from what we engaged to achieve and, furthermore, to overcome the Groups forecast of 10% in Annual Revenue forecast with more than 27% (17% more from what we engaged to achieve).

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